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The team at Paul Edmonds London is delighted to introduce ZO® Skin Health products to our range of results-driven skincare solutions at theHOUSE.
Created by world-renowned dermatologist, Dr Zein Obagi, ZO Skin Health products are a natural fit with our existing high-performance skin programmes.

Products at theHOUSE

Our specialists already use products by SkinCeuticals, Endocare and Aestheticare (to name but a few) to treat our clients’ skin, tackling issues such as anti-ageing, pigmentation and acne with expertise and care. The addition of ZO Skin Health products gives clients the opportunity to incorporate this revolutionary range into their existing or new treatments and maximise the benefits from their skincare regime.

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What causes skin to age?

ZO Skin Health is the ideal skincare system to support surgical and non-invasive treatments, providing added protection and helping to prevent future ageing for the long term.
So what causes skin to age? We’ve all had that moment in our late 20’s when we realise that our skin is not quite youthful as it used to be. Sun exposure, city living, poor food choices and hormone changes all affect the skin’s natural ability to create collagen – meaning that before we notice it, our skin is less elastic and our complexion less plump than it once was. Not only that but our reserves of
hyaluronic acid depletes as we age.

At age 25, sun damage may appear as ‘healthy’ sun-kissed glow, but in the deeper layers –visible only under the skin-scope – pigmentation can give a frightening insight into how our skin might look in our 30’s and 40’s.

How do ZO Skin Health products help?

ZO Skin Health products address the ageing process with an advanced, long-term
exfoliation system that creates the optimum skin environment for other anti-ageing products and treatments to perform at their best.
If you’re new to skincare at Paul Edmonds London, you might not yet be aware of the long-term benefits that regular exfoliation can have. Exfoliation can come in many forms – from a simple scrub to microdermabrasion, to skin peels; but alongside these therapies, retinol can have a significant effect.

Ever wondered how to get that Red Carpet flawless looking skin?

Alongside the great DR ZO skin health range of Products at Paul Edmonds London you can also maximise the results with DR ZO ossential stimulator peel or Red Carpet Facial.  It is the ultimate easy facial that can be packed into your lunch hour and will immediately reduce the signs of wrinkles, rough skin texture and even pigmentation.

The red carpet facial is designed to optimise the skins ability to generate cell turnover and in “turn” improve the collagen, elasticity and firmness of the skin (as mentioned before), and what is best is that there is zero downtime or redness but instead you are left with flawless looking skin.

The exfoliating facial contains a peel that incorporates 3 essential acids to remove dead cells and to improve texture and cell turnover.  These acids are glycolic, salicylic and citric, and they are the ultimate AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) that dissolve dead cells, control and remove excess oil from skin and gives you that healthy glow.  To maximise the results it is important to have a course of 3 or 4 a week apart and combine this with your DR ZO prescription products (the kits are a great way to combine all your needs in one purchase).

It’s not called red carpet for nothing, as this has become the staple facial for A list celebrities at Paul Edmonds London and clients prior to event season or weddings, whether it is the BAFTAs (where Paul Edmonds London are the official hairdressers for the BAFTA EE Film Awards), the Fashion Awards or the Brits, it will become your initialising go to facial prior to your big night out event.

Which products are included in the range?

Dr. Obagi promotes the ‘Prevent and Correct’ approach to skincare in his ZO Skin Health products.  Oil-control cleansers, exfoliators and toners form the basis of the preparatory section of each programme, followed by a range of topical corrective serums and creams to tackle areas of pigmentation, acne, redness and ageing. Preventative ingredients such as antioxidants and hyaluronic acids support maximum hydration and recovery.
The range also has a fantastic selection of sun protection creams and sprays that provide ultimate defence against UVA, UVB and HEV light.

The essentials are called the fundamental five, cleanser, toner, oil control, daily power defence and your SPF, these form the foundation to your Dr Zo skin health regime and your Paul Edmonds London aesthetician will prescribe the suitable corrective course to add on to your fundamental five programme.

The Fundamental Five

1. Foam Cleanser – 240ml £49

  • Provide a deep cleanse and removes impurities.
  • Promotes natural hydration in dry skin and leaves the skin feeling refreshed.
  • Soothes and calms
  • Protects skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • Removes makeup.
Dr Zo

2. Exfoliation Accelerator – 50ml £63

  • Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) Complex provides gentle yet effective exfoliation of dead skin cells and increases cell turnover, helping to soften skin texture and even skin tone.
  • Advanced anti-irritant and moisturising chemistry help soothe and support the recovery of damaged skin.
  • Proven antioxidants have been added to help prevent future skin damage.
Dr Zo

3. Oil Control Pads – 60 £61

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Removes dirt and oil from the pores
  • Salicylic acid provides acne treatment
  • Targets oiliness and minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Cooling agent soothes skin irritation
Dr Zo oil control

4. Daily Power Defense – 50ml £135

  • Provides antioxidant protection to combat free radical damage
  • Helps tighten and firm the skin
  • Promotes skin health


5. SPF Daily Sheer – 45ml, £68

  • Provides protection from UVA/UVB and HEV light.
  • Provides protection for 80 minutes of water exposure and is perspiration resistant.
  • Its on-greasy, quick-drying formula provides a matte finish.
  • Contains DNA repair and protection complex to support the prevention of future oxidative stress.
  • Restores hydration
  • Soothes skin and minimises inflammation.

Daily Sheer Dr Zo


Before & after Dr ZO

See the magic of Dr ZO with before and after images.

Dr Zo

Acne, scars- before and after

Acne- before and after

Acne, scars- before and after

Acne- before and after

Melasma, Rosacea- before and after

Dr Zo

Combining ZO Skin Health homecare with your in-salon skin treatment programme will maximise results and prolong the benefits of the active ingredients in your regime. It’s an advanced range of products that must be used carefully and with professional guidance, but the results are fantastic.

Ask your Paul Edmonds London aesthetician for more details to speak to us about a tailored plan.