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If you’re searching for your new, favourite beauty salon in London, the House at Paul Edmonds London is perfect. Our luxurious serenity allows you to escape from everyday life and relax in the trusted hands of skin and beauty experts with the best beauty treatments in London. When it comes to skincare, as patients we have often asked ourselves, within an industry where there are so many different brands and products, what actually works and why? But we have to first understand what skin is.

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Your Skin

Skin is the largest and one of the most fascinating organs of the body. We tend to also take its use and properties for granted. So here is a recap…

Skin’s main function is to act as a barrier; it goes without saying but without the barrier all our bits and pieces would be exposed and vulnerable to the outside elements. This barrier acts as a waterproof insulation, protecting the body from the environment, pollution, sun, materials etc. Not only does it protect us but it also manufactures Vitamin D and has antibacterial properties. It’s totally malleable and better still it has millions of nerve endings that take signals back to the brain, telling us what is harmful, hot, cold, soft, hard. It also has our unique coding on it with our finger prints and incorporates other human materials that we pluck and prune to perfect i.e. hair.

So how does it work?

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Skin is in its most basic form is a mixture of 3 distinct layers. The first layer, the one on top is called the epidermis. This layer is in a constant state of renewal and shedding. It contains billions of cells called keratinocytes which are created at the bottom of the epidermis and slowly grow outwards as the exterior cells die and drop off. This cycle takes between 4 to 6 weeks from creation to the surface. It would be fair to say that the next time you visit your hairdresser or aesthetician at Paul Edmonds London you will be sitting in different skin.

The second layer is the dermis, a sandwich fill of sweat glands, nerves, lymph vessels, sebaceous glands (oil production), hair follicles and the interesting extra cellular matrix (ECM for short). This Extracellular matrix is a collection of molecules that provide structural and biochemical support to surrounding cells, containing collagen, elastin, Hyaluronic acid the good stuff that keeps your skin, plump and youthful. As your age this soup mix begins to diminish and harden.

Below the Dermis is the final layer called the Subcontaneous tissue. This is predominantly composed of fat tissue and regulates temperature. It goes without saying that this layer is affected by your eating habits as you can store additional fat in this layer and as you grow older this layer can also thin out.

At Paul Edmonds London our approach to skincare is to focus both on the epidermis, to improve its outer most layer which is called the stratum corneum, and also the Dermis. This outer layer can be thicker in different areas of your body (think about your feet versus your eyelids, clearly there is a difference), and it can also be compromised (inflammation, sun damage, acne) and intolerant to certain products and environments.

It has been proven that improving the condition of the epidermis will have a significant, positive impact on the dermis and visa versa. By exfoliating, encouraging cell turnover and correcting oxidative stress, you will slowly begin to reduce the intolerance that your skin’s top two layers have built up over years and gradually bring back the skins condition to a more tolerant optimum level. This will be brighter, plumper, have fewer fine lines, less pigmentation, possess a general glow and appear more youthful.

Great skin really is possible; it is no longer simple to have a quick fix but our team of experts combined with the best prescribed products (Dr ZO, Skinceuticals, Aestheticare and POM medicines), facials and technologies at Paul Edmonds London, work longer term as your skin develops and changes. We prescribe the right alternatives and solutions to ensure the very best results.

The Skin Series | Paul Edmonds London

Over the following weeks and months, our blogs will share with you different skin programs and products that are available at Paul Edmonds London that actually work.

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So our first area is focusing on the top, one area our patients ask us about is exfoliation

Why exfoliate and why Peels?

As mentioned earlier, the skin and in particular the epidermis is in a continuous cycle of renewal. But we shouldn’t just assume that the skin sheds itself, remember the environment or “extrinsic” aging (this is the aging process that is driven from external factors and not your genetics or internal factors) can cause the epidermis to become thicker, more wrinkled, discoloured, and in some cases if blocked you can develop bacterial infections (such as acne) or large skin pores. So helping the skin to shed faster and deeper (occasionally) can help to address and improve these areas of concern. As well as helping the skin absorb and penetrate the products that are applied topically that do all the work in your facial sessions.


There are many forms of skin exfoliation at Paul Edmonds London, all basically are either removing dead skin cells to expose newer cells or they are allowing the bit between the cells to loosen and therefore allow the cells to be removed and again expose younger new. Our aestheticians will discuss and prescribe the right ones for you but let’s go through the options available at Paul Edmonds London from the simplest to the more complex.

Cleansers and scrubs, yes these are an exfoliant.

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They are also brilliant at controlling oil which can build up and create a further barrier for the skin, hardening and enlarging pores. All cleansers and scrubs available at Paul Edmonds London are free from the harmful non biodegradeable micro beads, or if you want a truly organic alternative then Eminence organics available at Paul Edmonds London have scrubs that contain rosehip, maze and strawberry that have a harder texture to help remove dead skin cells. For make up users and every day cleansing addicts we recommend a double cleanse regime of Skinceuticals Gentle Cleanser followed by Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Gel. This combination is good for remove make up, excess oil and improving circulation, it will improve skin condition over time. This is a must have and part of your daily protocal you will LOVE the results !

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SkinCeuticals Blemish Control Skin System £125.00

Microdermabrasion is a traditional liquid free form of blasting the skin with tiny inert (mineral so they do not cause bacterial infections) crystals that gently removes dead skin cells on the stratum conrneum. You can either have this treatment on its own, it will help improve circulation, help to reduce black heads, and it is particularly good for patients who have combination skin types as you can really work on different parts of the skin that need that extra polishing off or clients that have acne or blemishes where your skin may be more sensitive, the flow (volume and speed) of crystals can be adjusted to reflect the areas of the skin that need either more or less exfoliation. Click here to book your own Microdermabrasion treatment

AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) as mentioned above are acids such as Glycolic, Lactic, Citric, Mandelic, Salicylic, tartaric etc. Some of which are derived from fruit, nuts and sometimes milk, with varying degrees of strength depending on what is required, these acids can help loosen the bonds that hold the cells together therefore allowing the dead cells to be removed. The benefits of these acids are that they can aid in reducing fine lines, help reduce pigmentation, brighten skin and reduce oil build up which lead to bacterial infections which are great for acne skin. We have mentioned them in cleansers such as Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Gel. Other products that contain AHAs and BHAs at Paul Edmonds London that you can purchase are Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Defence, Blemish and Age solution  and the Clarifying Clay Masque.


Face peels are a great way to administer AHAs and BHAs to the skin, in a controlled environment and by your Paul Edmonds London aesthetician or our practitioner. The mixture and concentration of AHAs and BHAs can be tailored to tackle specific areas of concern on the skin. In general there are three types of face Peels.

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Superficial face Peels, these work on the epidermis (in varying strengths) exfoliating the stratum corneum (remember the top layer!), mainly these face peels can be Glycolic, Lactic, Salycilic and Mandelic acids, from 10% upwards. They can help remove superficial pigmentation, reduce fine lines, improve texture and aid cell renewal with no down time or irritation afterwards, your aesthetician at Paul Edmonds London will prescribe the correct face peels strength and mixture. Click here to book your own face peel in our opulent beauty emporium, London based salon.

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Next are medium depth face peels, these can penetrate the full level of the epidermis and have instantaneous results that can remove skin rough skin sun damaged skin, improve pigmentation, large pores and acne scarring. There is however down time approximately 2 to 5 days, whilst the skin sheds, redness reduces and any inflammation subsides. These peels are administered by or with supervision of our practitioner and will combine AHAs and TCA acid (Trichloracetic Acid is a non-toxic chemical acid) for that deeper action, they are not for everyone and can be repeated 2 to 3 times are year to improve texture and skin tolerance, our practitioner will evaluate whether medium depth face peels are right for you, it is also about what expectations you want and how fast you want improvement with your skin.

The final peels are full strength face peels that penetrate past the dermis into the reticula dermis (this is the area at the lower part of the dermis). Typically only administered in an operating room with anesthesia, this is only for extremely thickened, sun damaged skin and resistant lines. These are not an option at Paul Edmonds London, however our practitioner will be able to offer you guidance for those Paul Edmonds London patients who may want further information.

Aside from AHAs, microdermabrasion and cleansers there is another way of exfoliation. That is using Vitamin A – retinols or retinoic acid (which we will cover later in our Vitamin A blog). Vitamin A has been proven to help improve skin condition, reduce pigmentation, improve texture and stimulate collagen production. It can work (depending on delivery system and strength) not only on the epidermis but at a dermal level, helping to encourage quicker skin turnover which encourages the skin to shed and exfoliate, but this can take time and initially may not be tolerated easily by your skin, but your Paul Edmonds London aesthetician will hold your hand and prescribe a plan of in salon treatments and at home products to maximise results.

With all exfoliations and as a general rule, as you are exposing your skin and doing all that work investing in treatments and products to improve and correct your skin, you must use a high protection sun cream, at Paul Edmonds London this is a must, read our blog here.

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Happy Exfoliation till next time!

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