Shu Uemura Master Base Hair Treatment in London

At Paul Edmonds London, hair and beauty salons in Battersea and Knightsbridge, the health of your hair is equally important as the hair cut or hair colour service. You might not know it but hair treatments should be a vital part of your beauty regime to ensure your locks are in the best condition possible, this will intern help hair growth and also to lock in your Paul Edmonds London hair colour for longer.

Not every hair treatment is the same –  when you arrive for your appointment or consultation at our London salons, the Paul Edmonds London hair experts will diagnose the specific issues affecting your hair – from considering your lifestyle and maintenance and what you want to achieve with your hair style or colour, our celebrity hair stylists will recommend a tailored solution or combination which is bespoke to your hair type to correct damage, restore strength, volume, hydration, shine and optimise your colour. 

Visit our hair repair clinics available at our Knightsbridge and Battersea Power Station Salons, get that TLC your hair needs or invest time in a hair treatment plan  Our bespoke hair treatments can be used alone or in conjunction with others as part of an on-going treatment plan which your stylist can design with you.

One of our bespoke treatments is Shu Uemura’s Master Base, as Paul Edmonds London is a flagship home to Shu Uemura Art of Hair, it goes without saying that our team of experts whole heartedly believe in the unique ingredients and results this bespoke service gives our guests.

What is Shu Uemura Master Base?

The Master Base treatment is an in-salon treatment that repairs weak, damaged, limp and dehydrated locks. The Master Base treatment can also be used to enhance and add shine to hair colour.

There are two unique parts to this treatment the first is the masque that forms the foundation product to the treatments. a rich silicone-free formula that contains Gentian extract found on mountains located in central and southern Europe and is used as a repairing and anti-inflammatory treatment. Also, containing glycolic lipids (fatty acids) which support the delivering of the part two ingredients into the hair structure creating instant softness and a high shine wow factor.

The Shu Uemura Master Base treatment also smells amazing! The fragrance gives off lemon, citrus and floral notes allowing your locks to smell salon fresh until your next blow dry.

Master Base

How does Shu Uemura Master Base work?

The unique world of luxury Japanese brand Shu Uemura balances the power of nature and science by combining the first part base formula (mentioned above) with the second part bespoke cocktail of ingredients that are made up of  3 pillars.

The 3 pillars of the Shu Uemura Master Base treatment are moisture, protein and shimmer.  Your stylist will determine what mix of pillar to use in order to maximise the condition of your hair which is added to a special part one Master Base masque.  Again containing oils, protein and ceramides.

These three unique ingredients are:

  • Repair Master for weakened hair – this will repair the damage caused by oxidation to the hair
  • Moisture Master for dry hair – will replace lost moisture to the hair
  • Shimmer Master for coloured hair – will lock, coat and smooth the hair follicle to optimise colour and shine to the hair.

You can of course tailor this treatment as part of an ongoing longer term plan, for example focusing on repair master ingredients for your first 2 to 3 visits and then once your hair has improved and you want to focus on moisture and shine you can increase the prescription of moisture and shimmer master in your next visits.  The beauty of the ingredients are that they will never over saturate the hair follicle and therefore your hair will never feel processed or cosmetic, your hair will intake the required master ingredients and will only improve further over time as part of a cumulative effect on your hair.

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The Shu Uemura Master Base takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on whether you chose to have this service added as part of your washing experience or separately at the workstation where an additional process of steam and 20min time is added as part of the experience. To learn more about this highly effective hair treatment programme, watch Shu Uemura Sensei Paul Edmonds and his team in action.

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