The New Paul Edmonds Hair Spa with Fusio Dose

Paul Edmonds has always been the home of the best hair treatments in the world. Paul’s role as Ambassador for Shu Uemura has meant that our clients have been enjoying The Art of Ceremony Treatments for years (read more).

However in our hectic lives sometimes what is needed is a quick fix, an instant boost that will effectively transform your hair in as  little as 5 minutes! Kerastase has created just this with its new Fusio Dose range of personalised hair treatments. We have joined forces with Kerastase to create a new Fusio Dose Hair Treatment Spa at Paul Edmonds. Now our award winning team of stylists and colourists can make sure that you have the the most effective treatment to complement any colour of hair style that they create with you.

Transformation in Just 5 Minutes? Here’s how.

1. A Kérastase Hair & Scalp Profiler is used to give you an advanced diagnosis on your scalp and hair needs. This diagnostic tool measures and magnifies the hair fibre up to x600 times and helps to provide your most accurate prescription.

2. Depending on your needs, your hairstylist will create a bespoke blend for your hair needs. This includes a mix of one prescriptive concentrate with one prescriptive booster.

3. The treatment is sprayed on to the hair and enhanced with a hair massage to work the formulation into the hair. After five minutes, the treatment is rinsed out and hair will have taken the ingredients it needs for improvement due to the advanced micro-emulsion technology that penetrates deep into the areas of the hair where the treatment is needed.


Stage One
The Concentrates – Targets the Condition of the Hair – Four Primary Needs

The New Paul Edmonds Hair Spa with Fusio Dose | Paul Edmonds

Concentré Pixelist – Intensification of radiance for the ultimate ‘school girl shine’ for coloured treated hair.

An ultra-fine emulsion made of micro-luminescent active ingredients that covers the fibre in light and brings radiance to hair colour.

Results: the fibre is smoothed, the colour is radiant and the shine is multi-dimensional.

Concentré Oleo-Fusion – Instant nutrition and softness for ‘summer parched locks’.

A micro-emulsion of natural jojoba and avocado oils for immediate nutrition from roots to ends without weighing down the fibre.

Results: hair is intensely nourished without heavy feeling.

Concentré Vita-Ciment – In-depth reconstruction for ‘SOS hair, the ultimate damage remedy’.

A bio-mimetic cellular cement made of ceramide designed to repair and protect the hair fibre. It fills in breaches in the altered intercellular cement and replenishes the surface of hair to bring uniformity and a natural touch.

Results: protected from external aggressions, the hair is soft, supple, shiny and completely transformed.

Concentré Densifique – Immediate Densification for ‘hair thinning and the Uptown Volume Up blow-dry’.

Enriched with Pro-Calcium, Concentre Densifique instantly makes the hair stronger and more supple.

Results: the fibre regains tone and body. The hair is re-densified and easier to style.

Stage Two
The Boosters – Targets Each Individuals Personal Expectations – Mixed with the concentrates

Booster Brilliance – amino-shine active ingredients 45 000 PPM + Zinc Gluconate, 5 times more radiance.
A polymer anchors itself to the over-processed areas of the hair and forms a protective film from root to ends. Entirely smoothed, the hair reflects light perfectly for gorgeous radiance. The Zinc gluconate and the Vitamin E derivative, an antioxidant, complete the action.
Result: the fibre is resurfaced, soft and supple. The radiance of coloured hair is boosted and incredibly enhanced.

Booster Densité – bodyfying agent 10 000 PPM
The fibre is intensely texturized. The Cation Polymer deposits itself on the thinnest areas to give body to the hair.
Result: Restructured hair more toned from roots to ends. Styling and shaping are made easier and the effect is densified.

Booster Reconstruction – Anti-erosion complex 20 000 PPM + Resurrection Sap

50% less breakages during brushing. The resurrection sap and the anti-damage complex come together with the Ceramide to plump and strengthen the fibre for optimum repair.
Result: the fibre is instantly reinforced and repaired. The hair regains strength and vigour.

Booster Nutrition – Nutrition Complex 60 000 PPM + Iris Royal
3 Times more nutrition. The nutrient complex combined with Royal Iris and it’s antioxidant properties fills the fibre with intense nutrition.
Result: the fibre is nourished without weighing effect. The hair is dazzling, soft and supple.

Booster Discipline –Smoothing Agent 15 000 PPM + Morpho-KeratineTM
72 – hour anti-frizz, 72- hour smoothness and anti-humidity. Morpho KeratimeTM, that facilitates detangling and manageability and gives an anti-frizz effect, is completed by the action of the cation surfactant that deposits itself on the over-processed areas of the hair for perfect smoothing from roots to ends.
Result: the fibre is manageable and the hair is silky and full of free-flowing movement.

The New Paul Edmonds Hair Spa with Fusio Dose | Paul EdmondsFor you next hair and or colour appointment with the new Fusio Dose treatments afterwards book now!