Signature Smooth, Natural & Formaldehyde Free at Paul Edmonds London

Paul Edmonds is a luxury hair and beauty salon in London and a cut above the rest when it comes to the latest hair and beauty innovations. Since launching theHOUSE our hair and beauty salons in Knightsbridge and Battersea,  Paul Edmonds Hair Salon is at the forefront of offering clients the complete 360 hair and beauty experience. The latest technology to hit the Knightsbridge and Battersea Power Station hair salons sees the Paul Edmonds London Signature Smooth taking centre stage. Find out more from Senior stylist Lizzie, who’s part of the team at London’s best hair salon, Paul Edmonds.


Lizzie, Paul Edmonds London Senior Stylist

What is the Signature Smooth Treatment at Paul Edmonds London?

Signature Smooth is a semi permanent hair treatment that uses nano technology (nano meaning very small particle size molecules) to de-frizz the hair to create a smooth, glossy and shiny finish. The Paul Edmonds Signature Smooth is perfect for those clients who are seeking manageable hair (easy to blow dry) and will withstand humidity. In addition to these benefits, the Signature Smooth also strengthens hair and lasts up to 12 to 16 weeks depending on hair type, and your lifestyle.

Is Signature Smooth the same as a Keratin Hair Treatment or Brazilian Blow Dry?

While Signature Smooth, Keratin Hair Treatments and Brazilian Blow drys de-frizz and smooth hair, Signature Smooth is NOT a Keratin hair treatment or a Brazilian Blow dry treatment (which we are all used to hearing about).

How is Signature Smooth different to a Brazilian Blow Dry or Keratin Hair Treatment?

The signature smooth treatment is a bonding treatment, which means you can combine the treatment with your existing home care products. For best, long lasting results we advise you use Shu Uemura Art of Hair products as these contain natural and high potency ingredients that will add further benefits to the hair post treatment.  From Shu Uemura Ultimate Reset to Shu Uemura Urban Moisture, you’l have a good hair day everyday when you incorporate Shu Uemura Art of Hair into your hair and beauty routine.

How does the Signature Smooth Hair Treatment work?

The nano technology behind the Signature Smooth Nano Refortify Formula incorporates amino acids that work to add bonds (proteins) that have either been lost or where hair is porous,  the amino acid and nano formula packs itself into follicle layer of the hair, attaching itself and creating a skeletal structure to the cuticle, thus forming a solid inner layer to seal the natural nourishing nutrients inside the hair fibre.  A by-product advantage of this reinforced structure is that the hair acts straighter, will be smoother and stronger.  Hydration is greatly improved as water (which over time can lock and expand through heat) can no longer penetrate the hair layers to speed up any oxidation, brought by the environment, UV, dirt or heat tools.  The nano technology forms a robust repellent to external aggressors.

The best part is that the hair treatment is suitable for all hair types and better still it is based on natural ingredients, and therefore contains 0% Formaldehyde, 0% Aldehyde and 0% release of chemical gasses, unlike many keratin treatments and other smoothing treatments within hairdressing. Nano Smooth is the healthiest way that you can reduce frizzy and unmanageable locks as all treatment methods use all natural premium ingredients to provide long-term protection for your hair.

So to recap the truth behind the Paul Edmonds Signature Smooth is its pioneering nano technology – Molecular Biomimetic.

  1. Hair Soft and Complete Smoothing
  2. Intensification of Natural Shine and Colour Vibrancy
  3. Taming and Controlling Frizzed Unruly Hair
  4. Hair Growth Encouraging

Which treatment is for me?

Your hair stylist at Paul Edmonds Knightsbridge Salon and Paul Edmonds Battersea Power Station salon will recommend the right Signature Smooth for you. We’re London’s best hair salon, which is why we offer bespoke hair and beauty services for your unique hair type.

If you are Blonde and have had extensive bleaching and pre-lightening

If you’re a blonde that has had any kind of colouring service from, bleaching to balayage, highlights or colour changes, more often than not they result in your hair feeling dry, stressed, damaged and generally in a poor condition that Signature Smooths nano Replenish treatment is for you!.

This formulation has been designed to work specifically to improve the blonde hair condition, detangling locks, increasing hydration, strength and to reduce the friction between hair strands allowing your sleek blonde locks to move freely.

Get in touch and book Signature Smooth Hair Treatment at Paul Edmonds London Hair Salon today.

If you are an Afro-Caribbean hair type or have extremely curly hair

If you have extremely curly hair or have Afro-Caribbean hair then the Signature Smooth Nano Refortify Formula is perfect for you.  Ideally to be completed pre-colour service (if you also colour your hair) Refortify works by strengthening and smoothing hair fibre, the nano smooth Biomimetic technology improves elasticity and increasing hydration levels which is vital for curly and afro hair types.

So you will no longer have hours to blow dry your hair going forward, the signature smooth nano treatment will make ease of your blow dries and help you focus on getting styling looks that you were once limited to achieve due to your unruly hair type.

Book the Signature Smooth Refortify treatment, for hydrated and manageable hair today!

If you have had your hair coloured

If you are a client who has had their hair coloured, Signature Smooth nano treatment is also great for you.  As we know semi-permanent, or permanent colour can have an oxidative affect on the hair, leading to more porous, dry texture, and often if you don’t use a colour shampoo as your aftercare (such as Shu Uemura colour lustre shampoo, conditioner, masque or thermo milk) your hair will loose it’s colour quicker and will become dry and less manageable.  Signature Smooth nano treatment  Refine formula is ideal for coloured hair.  It will help the longevity of the hair colour by first improving the condition of your hair to its optimum level.  It is important that you do the signature smooth nano treatment prior to your hair colour service.

Book the Refine treatment, for, shiny, coloured and cared for locks.

So how long does Signature Smooth Nano Refortify take?

Due to the natural based formulation, Signature Smooth nano treatment take longer and is more involved than say a Keratin treatment.  The process involves a pre cleanse of the hair to remove any factors (oil and dirt) that may affect the treatments effectiveness, it requires application of the product, processing and cleansing as well as a final sealing/lock treatment,  your stylist will also blow dry and use heat tongs (at a lower temperature than that used with traditional Keratin treatments – condition is key here so high temperature tongs that can cause heat damage are avoided) if required in order to fortify the bonding to the hair.  All this will take at least 3 hours depending on hair length and thickness (which will not necessarily affect the process time but will affect the time taken to apply the signature smooth nano treatment to the hair).

The best bit once you have finished your treatment in salon is that you can wash your hair immediately with out any risk of the product coming out of your hair unlike traditional keratin or brazillian blow dry treatments where you have to wait at least 3 days before you can wash and blow dry your hair.

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