Cire Trudon candles arrive at Paul Edmonds

You’re about to meet one of the oldest and most prestigious candlemakers in the world. Paul Edmonds London is proud to become a UK stockist of Cire Trudon candles — timeless pieces of craftsmanship created through centuries of exceptional knowledge. 


Scent is an important aspect of memory and can create a specific mood or atmosphere; this is what makes scented candles so special. “I have always loved the way candles trigger memory and emotion,” says Paul. 


“The way a scent or fragrance reminds you of moments in your life. Whether it’s the first time you went to a religious ceremony and the smells of churches, resins and matches, or when you first experienced the smell of fresh grass that’s been cut, and your summer days with your family as a child.” 


Cire Trudon candles arrive at Paul Edmonds | Paul Edmonds


Prepare to fall in love with Cire Trudon as we share their royal history, why their candles are so sumptuous and why Paul has selected them for you.

Cire Trudon: luxury candle makers

There are few luxury scented candle brands with the same rich (and royal) heritage as Cire Trudon. Founder Claude Trudon opened his Parisian spice and candle boutique on rue Saint-Honoré in 1643. 


Jérôme Trudon would later purchase the Royal Wax Manufacture and blend Cire Trudon’s fragrance and candle making expertise with the manufacturer’s specialism in the creation of pure white beeswax. They went on to supply the Imperial Court of France and their candles were enjoyed by Marie Antoinette, King Louis XIV and Napoleon.


Fast forward to today and Cire Trudon continues to imbue the same rich tradition and luxurious fragrance into every crafted candle. In 2017 and 2018, the Trudon brand created a conservation program to support the Orne Dark Bee Conservancy and the Perche regional Nature Park in their biodiversity preservation efforts.


Lighting the wick on a Cire Trudon candle is much more than an indulgent treat — it’s an iconic piece of French history and a wonderful way to support the planet.


The art of Cire Trudon candle making

The craftsmanship and care that go into a Cire Trudon candle are all part of the luxurious experience.

Handmade in Normandy, each candle begins with the process of ‘perfuming’. The fragrances are created from the finest raw materials in collaboration with world-class perfumers. 

Cire Trudon candles arrive at Paul Edmonds | Paul Edmonds

The formulas are mixed with molten wax and hand poured into glasses which are aligned on wooden counters with the utmost precision. The wicks are set at the bottom of each glass to keep them perfectly centred while the wax is poured. Each wick is straightened again by hand as the wax dries.

Cire Trudon candles arrive at Paul Edmonds | Paul Edmonds

The top of each candle is melted to ensure a perfectly smooth surface and the wick is neatly trimmed for optimal burning. Cire Trudon finish their candles with the iconic golden emblem, which is centred and applied by hand. The candles are manually packaged in custom boxes which are tailored to each candle format. This keeps them in pristine condition until you’re ready to enjoy them.

A combination of exceptional elements


Cire Trudon candles arrive at Paul Edmonds | Paul Edmonds


A Cire Trudon candle is easily recognised by its distinctive and exceptional anatomy. 


• Wax: the cornerstone of Cire Trudon’s long-lasting success is undoubtedly the pure white beeswax which gained them notoriety all those centuries ago.

• Glass: handcrafted Tuscan glass cradles Cire Trudon’s scented wax. Each glass is 100% unique and its shape is inspired by a champagne bucket.

• Wick: a pure cotton wick is the secret behind the lingering burn of a Cire Trudon candle. They use several diameters and weaves for their candles.

• Fragrance: Cire Trudon fragrances are carefully developed in collaboration with renowned perfumers.

• Emblem: inspired by a bas relief from the original Royal Wax Manufacture, purchased by the Trudon family in 1737.

• Beehive: Cire Trudon’s motto is “the bees work for God and the King”; you’ll find it on their emblem alongside a beehive symbol.


A collection of classic favourites

To make sure you can find a fragrance that speaks to you, we’ve selected 10 signature Cire Trudon candle fragrances in the classic size. Each candle retails from  £75 in our Knightsbridge and Battersea salons and online shop. Here’s a selection of our favourites to scintillate your senses…


Abd El Kader: Moroccan mint Tea

Cire Trudon candles arrive at Paul Edmonds | Paul Edmonds

Abd El Kader showcases the verdant scent of fresh mint, the peppery warmth of ginger, and the perfume of tea and tobacco from the Ouled Nail tribe.


Cyrnos: Mediterranean aromas

Cire Trudon candles arrive at Paul Edmonds | Paul Edmonds

Lemon, thyme and myrtle sit atop basenotes of cashmere wood and patchouli. You’ll find fragrant lavender, pine and black fig at the heart of Cyrnos’ sumptuous scent.


Ernesto: Leather and Tobacco

Cire Trudon candles arrive at Paul Edmonds | Paul Edmonds

Cire Trudon Ernesto is scented with overtones of leather and tobacco in a distinctively rich and handsome aroma.


Odalisque: Orange Blossom

Cire Trudon candles arrive at Paul Edmonds | Paul Edmonds

Odalisque is scented with romantic and aromatic citrus and wood bark, which intermingle with wild juniper and silky sweet vanilla.


Cire Trudon at Paul Edmonds

Paul Edmonds London salons are delighted to become a Cire Trudon stockist. The shared ethos of care and beauty make the two brands perfect partners.


“It was a natural fit for our guests at Paul Edmonds London salons to have Cire Trudon as another exclusive luxury brand available to them,” says Paul. “The rich fragrances and the beautiful care and packaging of their candles align perfectly with our spaces and our brand.”


You don’t have to travel all the way to Normandy to purchase one of these timeless candles. You can experience them on your next visit to our salons, purchase one for yourself, or treat someone else to a richly scented gift. 


Fill your home with the artisan fragrances of Cire Trudon or spoil someone you love. Visit our online shop or our salons to find the scent which speaks to you.