Paul Edmonds introduces Organic Colour Systems

Paul Edmonds London has introduced, Organic Colour Systems as part of its colour offering. Already used by Kate Moss and Lilly Allen, Paul Edmonds London have noticed a rise in consumers requesting a colour system that can meet their skin sensitivity expectations.

Paul Edmonds explains…. “I have noticed an increasing amount of new customers to Paul Edmonds from other salons that are having sensitivity issues, operating at the top of the industry our clients need advice and help to make the right colour decisions, whether its diet, stress or environmentally related sensitivity, the skin and hair are always the first signs to reflect stress. In some cases, continued exposure to these elements combined with Ammonia colour applications can cause a lot of discomfort to some clients. It was a priority that myself and my team researched and found a suitable alternative that covered all aspects for that niche customer.”

Not only is Organic Colour Systems calming on sensitive clients, but it contains the highest amounts of certified organic ingredients possible and the lowest amount of chemicals in a colourant system. The supply chain is sourced from ethical suppliers who minimise environmental impact and are Made in Britain. Its not animal tested, it contains plant extracts, oils and being amonia free there is no odure, and with any application its still important to have an allergic test before using it.
“Organic colour systems also provide my clients a full colour spectrum to meet their colour needs which again is important, fashion trends and looking for newness is a key to our service and reputation, we only want the very best for our clients, and we believe organic colour systems helps provide that combined with our luxury environment and experience……..and if your vegan this is also great for you !”