Britain’s Next Top Model | Stripped Back & Au Naturel

Week 3 was the toughest week yet for our Britain’s Next Top Model girls! From posing with dead animals to shooting a TV ad in a forest nude…the girls faced it all.

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The Photoshoot | PETA

We arrived on set this week to a bit of a shock…actual dead animal heads on doll like bodies, the girls were not the only ones who were shocked with these props!

This week the girls were completely stripped back allowing emotions to be at the forefront of their game.

The pressure of the competition had hit! 

The girls would be modelling for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Foundation. PETA is an UK based charity that work towards establishing and protecting the rights of all animals. PETA was here to educate the BNTM girls about the horrible cruelty animals face. As the girls were aiming to enter an industry where they would be seen as influencers and ambassadors of potentially world known organisations, it is extremely important that they communicate the right messages to their fans and followers. PETA acted as the girls first client for representing a charity that has the potential to influencer others on the way they think and act.

The Photoshoot | The Look

Between the girls, they would communicate three looks which connote animal cruelty in the industry today. All three looks were equally hard for the girls as emotions were on a high and pushed to the limit.

hairstyling knightsbridge

Mr Edmonds and his team of experts discussed the looks for the day.

Look 1

Look 1 focused on the issue of fur within the industry. The girls were styled with a glam look to show the not so glam side of where fur actually comes from. The girls had to put all of their modelling capabilities to the test as they were to hold the real animals head and blooded body creating a series of poses throughout their shoot.

The girls hair was styled by the Paul Edmonds London team of hair experts and for this look they create glamorous curls and volumised locks.

Look 2

Look 2 showed the cruelty behind using animals in the entertainment industry and especially in regards to the way elephants are treated in circus shows and for the enjoyment of others. The girls showed this by having a ball and chain attached to their ankle to show how elephants are captured and treated. The fabulous make up team created cuts and bruises over the girls’ bodies to visually show the way animals are treated.

The hair for this look was to give a greasy, un-treated and un-cared for style to compliment the props and vulnerability of the image.

Look 3

Look 3 represented bull fighting with the girls laying on sand dripping in blood looking as if they have been stabbed. As with the other two looks, this was extremely powerful in representing the repercussions of the dangerous sport. To accurately represent this image the girls face had to express their emotion.

The styling experts from Paul Edmonds London created beach waves for a tousled, distressed look. To create this look at home, watch our ‘get the look’ video, it’s perfect for creating long beachy locks.

The Photoshoot | On Set

Knightsbridge hair salon on set

Knightsbridge hair salon on set

The Photoshoot | Final Images

Get The Look | Beach Babe Wave

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The Task | Creative Nature Advert

For this week’s task we headed to the woods where the girls would face a challenge that would completely strip them right back! It was time…for the NUDE SHOOT!

Creative Nature are a superfoods brand that specialise in creating yummy free from raw foods to make you “live, look and feel your best”. Creative Nature have nothing to hide…nor did the girls!

The Look | Creative Nature

The hair for this challenge was classy and simple. The Paul Edmonds London team created chignons, an elegant hair up do. The girls’ brief meant that the hair would be pulled out of its up do throughout filming the advertisement, meaning that Paul would be on hand throughout the challenge, popping those chignons back in!

On Set | Creative Nature

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