Butter Beige Glaze At Paul Edmonds London

L’Oréal Colour Trophy Rising Star award winners Taylor and Matilda were invited to attend ‘Set The Tone,’ a day of colouring and cutting hosted at L’Oréal HQ. Taylor, trained by Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds London attended to showcase her balayage techniques with spring tones (read our change in light, change in tone blog to find out your spring colour) while Matilda, trained by Paul Edmonds finished the look with the Paul Edmonds London signature blunt cut completed with modern tonging for an on-trend seasonal look.

The girls started the day with a thorough consultation which saw both Taylor and Matilda check out  their model’s hair while discussing with her the look that she would like to achieve. The model started with a very strong ombré look. This is where the ends of the hair are a different colour to the roots and mid-lengths. The ombré canvas Taylor had to start with was very blocky, she concluded that she would introduce some of the hair’s natural colour back in by using a classic balayage technique (to read our blog on the 4 types of balayage, click here). Taylor wanted to create a smoother transition of colour in the hair to give a more natural look for spring. To complete the models look, Matilda, discussed the length the model’s hair would be cut to and the styling finish. Take a look at the images below which show the models hair colour, Taylor deciding the tone and colour technique to use and Matilda talking through cutting options.

The Colour Application | Balayage

To blend the model’s hair into a more natural fade rather than a distinctive block, Taylor weaved colour through the mid-lengths and ends to break up the blonde. Taylor used a classic balayage technique using 8 and 8.34 richesse (a natural blonde shade). Taylor applied colour in this way starting under the hair and continuing section by section until reaching the hair’s surface.

Throughout the top layers of the model’s hair, Taylor used the micro balayage application to create a face frame of lightness. Bright face frames make facial features pop, your eyes can appear brighter and skin and appear tanned. Once the colour application was complete, the model had 1 hour development time.

Butter Beige Glaze

For spring it’s all about the buttercream blonde tones (read more here) so Taylor applied a glaze of 10.32 dialight to the roots to give the hair a creamy, buttercream and beige finish. Taylor applied a clear glaze to the ends for them to appear lighter, creating a natural spring look.

The colour application Taylor applied to her model is great if you want a super easy to maintain look. Applying micro balayage to the top of the head allows for a more natural re-growth meaning fine lines will be finer minimising the harsh regrowth that is more likely to occur with a heavier balayage/ highlight application. Taylor’s top tip with this look is that if you want to have a colour refresh in between your full head applications pop into the salon for a face frame. Having this, you will feel brighter without a full colour service. Taylor recommends maintaining this look every 12-16 weeks minimum depending on your natural colour.

 The Blunt Cut

Once Taylor completed the colour service, Matilda took to her scissors for the Paul Edmonds London signature blunt cut. Loved by friends and clients Emma Louise Connolly and Abbey Clancy, the medium length blunt cut suits any age and hair colour. To complete the look, Matilda tonged the hair through the mid-lengths only (keeping the ends straight by not wrapping them around the tong) to give a modern finish.

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