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Paul Edmonds London offers the client a complete 360 salon experience. From booking your appointment to gossiping over a glass of champagne at your styling station, Paul’s team of experts are on hand for an array of hair and beauty services. The latest addition to Paul Edmonds London sees a barbers/ VIP area where you can be sectioned off from the world to enjoy a series of haircuts, beard trims, and wet shaves. It was an obvious choice that with a salon that features such a luxurious barbering experience that it should only feature, opulent men’s grooming products. So what’s better than the products that hold the royal warrant to H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh AND hold a Guinness world record for being established in the eldest barbers shop, of course, Paul Edmonds London would choose Truefitt & Hill as the official men’s grooming product.

Battersea Barbers

Barbers/ VIP area at Paul Edmonds London Battersea Power Station

The Sandalwood Collection at Paul Edmonds London

Since introducing the Sandalwood collection to Paul Edmonds London we have already had so many comments for how lovely the smell is so, thank you for that! We are very pleased you like it. Check out some of the reasons why you should definitely visit one of our salons to try the Truefitt and Hill Sandalwood collection.

Sandalwood for the mind

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Did you know that Sandalwood is primarily used for cleansing the mind? Sandalwood promotes mental clarity, which is why you may recognise the smell from a meditation session or a spiritual ritual. Sandalwood is the perfect fragrance to apply the morning of a big day at work, a test you may be taking or to calm your mind in a stressful situation.

Sandalwood to relax and stay calm

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Having a clear mind comes hand in hand with relaxation and keeping calm. Unlike lavender, Sandalwood will not make you feel sleepy but it will make you feel relaxed and calm and less anxious.

Sandalwood for boosting memory

men's grooming

Being able to stay calm and relaxed in stressful situations means that the mind is able to focus on additional elements such as remembering vital things. Sandalwood promotes boosting the memory so apply as part of your hair and beauty routine to help you tackle your day and be able to remember the details you need for everyday life. Whether that’s picking up your friend a coffee, notes from a meeting or booking an appointment at one of our salons!

Sandalwood to promote clear skin

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Sandlewood, when applied to the skin can reduce redness and inflammations. Hence why it’s perfect in aftershave balm. One of the benefits of Sandalwood is that it can reduce small pimples and skin blemishes so you can smell great while looking your best!

Sandalwood for anti-aging


At Paul Edmonds London we offer an array of anti-aging services and now with the introduction of the barbers, this is no different! Sandalwood is extremely high in antioxidants that can help reduce damage caused by free radicals (for example, free radicals) which promote skin aging.

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The Sandalwood men’s grooming collection is available to purchase at both Paul Edmonds London Knightsbridge & Battersea Power Station salons.