News from theHouse: Acne and How to Beat It

As anyone who has suffered from it will tell you: having acne is just horrible.

When we were creating theHouse at Paul Edmonds London we decided to go back to basics and figure out what we could do to help alleviate the problem for our clients and friends who struggle with it.

What Causes Acne?

The causes of acne are varied: stress, hormones, poor diet, problems with the digestive system – all these can be contributing factors.

What Is the Paul Edmonds London Approach?

With such a varied number of causes we decided that our approach would have to be just as flexible.    Our experience showed us that a lot of people who came to us have been through a lot of different treatments before they came to us. They were fed up of being sold miracle cures or being put on steroids and anti-biotics. These all just made them feel worse. We have seen a lot of skin that has been put under a great deal of stress and is often very dehydrated and sore.

We make use of all everything that we have at our disposal: amazingly skilled and caring skin care experts; the best cherry picked range of skincare products on the market; top of the line machines and therapies to support the prescribed treatments.

 The Three Pillars Approach

1. Great home skincare regime

Having a great skin care regime at home may sound obvious but a lot of regimes are actually hindering your skins ability to combat acne. We will cherry pick and mix up products that we think work best for your skin and particular situation.

It might be that you would suit the excellent organic ranges from Eminence. For chronic acne then we have had exceptional results using the BiRetix range. If you need to combine acne treatments with anti-aging then we would mix in the cosmaceuticles ranges from SkinCeuticles.

2. In-Salon Treatments

Combining a great skincare regime with regular in salon treatments really does give your skin a fighting chance. We have a team of very clever people who have a lot of techniques from simple but powerful pressure point face massages to Dermalux LED Red and Blue Light. They can also choose from the best range of gentle peels.

3. PELoves

Most important of all is that you have a team that is working with you and for you. They are there to answer concerns, to celebrate your success and think through any lifestyle changes that you might decide to make along the way.


For a consultation with our skincare experts Gene and Sunita book now!

Before and After Shots Using BiRetix

Here are some before and after shots from BiRetix. Normally we think that before and after shorts are a little dubious but as we are having the same results with clients that we are using them on we are sharing with you now.