Paul’s Top Products for Men in The Times Magazine

Paul Edmond’s has many well known men amongst his clientfriends. Sam Smith, James Fox, Colin Farrell to name but a few. So it was no surprise when The Times Magazine called on him for his top tips and product recommendations for their feature on men’s hair

“Paul Edmonds, a top hair stylsit who looks after the hair of actors Colin Farrell and Jon Hamm says, “Men are obsessed with their hair at the moment – very pernickety while appearing nonchalant. They love their products. Who would have thought there would be a market for beard conditions?

“When they confide in me in the salon their main concern is hanging on to it, or making it look fuller.”

“An excellent clay wax that makes hair look fuller and wont make it look greasy or crispy: Master Wax from Shu Uemura.”

We #PElove this product, it is an instant hero hit with our clientfriends. Its high hold and gloss is a styling win. The ingredients include Japanese Cedar Bud oil and beeswax that for fortify and add texture. £22.00 buy now!

Master Wax

Master Wax


Cleansing Oil Shampoo

Another men’s grooming product we love from Shu Umeura is Cleansing Oil Shampoo Moisture Balance Cleanser which is enriched with Neroli oil which helps keep the right oil balance in the scalp. £32.00 buy now!





Jenny Manzi, Director

Jenny Manzi, Director

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